We offer a wide variety of exciting activities and experiences to constantly develop the children. We plan activities suitable for whom we have in on certain days and use the children's interests and their development stage to make sure everyone has a fun and fulfilled day.

Alongside the planned activities we have age appropriate toys and equipment for the children to play with. An arts and craft area where they can stick, glue, paint, cut and model make. We have a construction and small world area where the children can build with different materials and use activity trays in the small world area to create imaginary worlds, such as dinosaur land, ice age or bug world.

The pre-school aged children are introduced to phonics in a fun and imaginative way, helping them to be familiar with letters before they start school. We aim to help all the children be fully prepared for school by supporting them to eat with cutlery, manage their toileting needs, be able to count and to be familiar with phonics sounds and actions for the letters of the alphabet. This will give your children the best start to their educational journey.

We carry out many investigations, such as investigating melting, magnets, sinking and floating, disolving and many more (melting chocolate always goes down well for some reason!)

Messy play seems to be a firm favourite amongst all the age groups, using cornflower, foam, slime, snow powder and a variety of different textures. The children can begin experimenting with the first stages of writing in these.

In our 'just like home' area the children can put the washer on and do the ironing just like mum and dad.

We have a large blackout sensory den for the children to take all the glow in the dark, UV and fibre optic toys in to play with.

In our cosy area we have comfy cushions and a little den so the children can take a book in or just go and relax.

The centre has a large variety of award winning toys and ICT resources such as computer learning games, DVDs, voice recording toys, programmable toys, digital cameras, camcorders and remote control toys. 

The children are also taken on many outings (with parent's permission) such as nature walks, trips to the park ,woods, animal farms and play-gyms.