All meals are prepared in our kitchen, we hold Level 2 food and hygiene certificates and have attended a healthy eating course to ensure we can offer your children, good, healthy, home-made meals to provide them with all the nutrition and energy they need for their development.

We know the ages between one and four are a crucial time for learning good dietary habits to protect your child against illness now and in the future.

We teach the children all about why our bodies need food and which foods make us big and strong and which foods are just for treats.

We understand some children can be fussy eaters when it comes to eating healthy, using the words 'I don't like it' before they even get to the table. We try to combat this by making meal time fun and relaxed, encouraging the children to help prepare their own meals, whether that be decorating their own yummy vegetable pizzas or picking fruit and vegetables from the garden.

We serve the meals on brightly coloured plates in a fun and attractive way and sometimes introducing new foods in our special tasting games. 

For those little tinkers who will not let a vegetable pass their lips, we have some sneaky ways of getting in their "5 a day", such as using purees and hiding them in sauces, soups or making yummy smoothies!

The children's likes and dislikes will always be taken into account so no-one goes hungry. We run a three week rotating menu and change this menu occasionally throughout the year. We pride ourselves on the high quality and wide range of ingredients used in our meals. Each week the children enjoy a 'dish of the world' where they try new foods from all over the world and learn about different cultures. 

If your child has any special requirements then of course we will follow these.

Dinner time menu served at 11.30am

Week one

  • Dish of the world
  • Turkey roast dinner
  • Mackerel & tomato tart
  • Creamy linguine with prosciutto lemon & basil
  • Fish pie with sweet-corn
Week two

  • Salmon & broccoli tagliatelle
  • Cottage pie made with Quorn mince
  • Chicken chasseur
  • Beef roast dinner
  • Dish of the world
Week three

  • Spaghetti bolognaise
  • Crab with coconut rice
  • Chicken roast dinner
  • Lemon & garlic chicken with egg noodles
  • Dish of the world

Tea is served at 15.30 and is usually one of the following meal

  •  Vegetable pasta
  • Omelette and Beans / beans on toast
  • Home-made tuna and sweetcorn pizza
  • Vegetable rice with soft bread roll
  • Cod cakes with peas and sweetcorn 
  • Warm chapattis filled with ham, cheese and salad