Meadows Childminding Centre enjoys lots of music and movement sessions where the children can join in with actions, musical instruments and dance their little socks off to their favourite songs.  Babies enjoy the nursery rhymes and silly voices made even more fun with puppets!

This age group loves messy play with any substances, such as custard, shaving foam, cornflower, jelly or anything really that they can safely explore.

Finger painting always goes down well and the toddlers love seeing their masterpiece up on the wall!

We have stimulating age appropriate toys, books, puppets, dolls, treasure baskets, construction toys, role play toys and not forgetting the sand and water play.

Outdoors we have bikes for the toddlers and lots of outdoor space for the children to bring their toys out and set activities up. Even the babies get to enjoy fresh air with our large crawling foam mats; they can bring out their favourite toys and play comfortably even on wet days.

We will discuss your babies/toddlers requirement with you and stick to the same routine you have at home, if possible. We will keep nap times the same and If your child is weaning, then again we will stick to a plan you have at home or one you have made with us .

Children sleep in either the sleeping den on sleeping mats, In the cosy corner on bean bags or in your child's own pram/pushchair (if you wish to bring these in and they can recline). Each child is provided with their own sleeping bag/blankets.

When you think your child is ready for potty training, we will set a date with you and work together to support your child through this exciting time.